The Swiss Privacy Foundation endorses the protection of the digital privacy, freedom of opinion and freedom of assembly as well as unrestricted access to information. To subserve these interests, the foundation holds practice-orientated workshops, creates and publishes instruction manuals and operates corresponding services that are available for free to the public.


A free and democratic society has to have the possibilities to further develop and renew itself. Because of this, a society is in need of controversial discussions and experimenting. Every individual should be able to evolve freely in a society. This is what the Swiss constitutional right stands for.

The rights to freedom of expression without bringing disadvantages to herself/himself, the protection of privacy, freedom of assembly and access to media for all citizens are increasingly influencing the digital society. These rights also build the foundation for informational self-determination and data privacy. As long as there is no law or right opposed to self-determination concerning which data someone has to expose about herself/himself, the Swiss Privacy Foundation will ensure that this is possible.


The main concern of the Swiss Privacy Foundation is to support the practical aspects of data privacy. We don't only want to have the right to informational self-determination, but we also want to actively exercise this right. The main interests and activities are, therefore, practice-orientated workshops and instruction manuals as well as the operation of corresponding services. We cover themes ranging from "how to browse the Internet with leaving as less traces as possible", "anonymous web browsing", "data and email encryption" to "bypassing Internet censorship".

The recurrent workshops are designed for local interested people, organizations and schools. The services, like the Tor-Service for example, are enabling people all over the world to browse the web anonymously and to publish content without censorship. This is especially important to citizens in more strictly regulated and repressive authoritarian countries like China, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Nepal and the Maldive Islands.

Furthermore we want to facilitate collaboration and exchange of knowledge between experts, journalists, NGOs and political parties. The Swiss Privacy Foundation is founder member of the Digital Society.

Present state

The Foundation was founded in early 2010 amongst others by several IT-Security- and Network-Experts, a state council of the state of Aargau, the founder of the pirate party Switzerland and an jurist and employee of a state data protection commissioner.

Several workshops in "Digital Aikido" have taken place and others are planned already. We host several Tor-Exit-Nodes and Tor-Bridges as well as redundant, uncensored DNS-Servers.

The Swiss Privacy Foundation is a registered non-profit organization (Verein) under Swiss law and donations are tax deductible.

If you want to become active and/or a member of the foundation you are very welcome. The necessary steps to sign in are noted on the membership page. The annual membership fee for a natural person is CHF 35.- and for a legal person CHF 100.-. If you just want to stay up to date, you can contact us at any time.

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